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 Top 5 Tips For His Sexual Arousal!
What is it that gets your man to reach his final state of orgasm?
Well here are some tips to make him reach another level of sexual arousal…
He loves all of your body

Men are visual creatures & love your bare body. In the work of the middle of intercourse, men experience a boost in mood-enhancing serotonin. Fundamentally, this makes him happy with everything he sees. If you are hung up on your bum & prefer missionary, ask him to flip you over & do it doggy-style. If you are on top, lower your upper body towards his legs so you are revealing more of your breasts.

Linger on his nipples

A man's nipples are loaded with as lots of nerves as a woman's. According to a recent study, over half of all men aged 17-29 reported that stimulation in this area not only enhanced their arousal but also sparked it. Lots of men are reluctant to ask - so take matters in to your own hands... & mouth. Start by stroking the area together with your fingertips. Then graduate to a delicate pinch, before licking, nibbling & lightly sucking each nipple.
The male G-spot exists

You know your G-spot is a pleasure minefield. But he's a hidden moan zone, - it is his prostate, a chestnut-sized gland located under the bladder, at the base of his penis. This can be stimulated before intercourse. Wrap your palm around his erect penis & gently press down, as in the event you were trying to sink it in to his pelvis. This causes the spongy tissue in his penis to rub against the prostate.
Use your fingers

It might not be the sexiest stretch of his body, but the skin between his balls & bum (the perineum) is one of his hottest spots. Try this in the work of missionary-position sex: After he enters you, tease his package. When your hand is behind his testicles, apply pressure to his perineum with the flat surface of your thumb or your knuckle & move in small circles, then switch to counterclockwise, up & down. The more the pressure, the more the pleasure.
He's an unexpected hot spot

Every man has an sensual body part that is seldom explored. &, think it or not, it is his nose. His nasal passages, in particular, mimic the erectile tissue present in the penis. In other words, the more you nurture his nose, the more you'll increase his circulation below the belt. You can trace your finger from your partner's nose down to his abdomen & package, then back to the nose.

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